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Martial Arts Academy

Sanford, nc

We are teaching martial arts, life skills, and physical fitness to students of all ages in the Sanford, Spout Springs, Cameron, Lillington, Spring Lake and surrounding communities.


please call to schedule your free trial class (919) 498-6467


Great Training System

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts combines the traditions of taekwondo with the latest advances in physical fitness to create a heart-pounding, high-energy workout! Plus, our training program offers incredible lessons in self-defense and life skills.

Great Lessons

Our lessons are full of energy and fun! Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers classes for pre-school kids (Tiger-Cubs), elementary school students (Juniors), middle and high school students (Teens), and adults.

Great Schedule

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers daytime (summers), afternoon, and evening classes throughout the week. We also offer classes on Saturday mornings. Even more, members enjoy unlimited training. Get your workout at any time!

Great Location

We are truly your neighborhood martial arts academy. Located just minutes from Carolina Lakes, Linden Oaks, Northridge Plantation, Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek.

Great Environment

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, students are surrounded by like-minded peers and supportive instructors who all want to see you succeed. Our academy is an awesome, fun, and energetic environment where everyone is encouraged to participate.



You’re going to get stronger…

Tiger-Rock’s unique martial arts training program combines Korean martial art traditions such as taekwondo with the latest developments in physical fitness to create an incredible workout. In fact, our training will help you build strengthen core muscles and tone your legs and arms!

You’re going to get healthier…

Did you know martial arts has been proven to improve cardiovascular health and help you lose weight? In addition, you’ll start making healthier lifestyle changes to complement your training regimen.

You’re going to become more confident…

You’re going to learn amazing stuff such as kicks, strikes, and block skills. Altogether, these martial arts lessons will expand your physical ability, sharpen you mentally, and improve the ability to defend yourself. Most importantly, however, is that you will gain a lot of confidence to take on the world and whatever challenges may come your way.

You’re going to have lots of fun…

Our kids martial arts and adult martial arts classes are action-packed, high energy, and most importantly fun! Martial arts training is fun. It’s exciting. You will learn new things that you will be able to apply both on and off the mat.

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